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These videos blow my mind every time

Well.. what the fuck do I do now?




Just a fraction of the cool stuff I learned when researching women’s history.

Rosalind Franklin got fucking ROBBED. She did all the research and all the work to discover That DNA is a double helix which was like revolutionary at the time but she gave it to Watson and crick to look over and they took her research and published it as their own and won a Nobel prize for it (I’m pretty sure it’s been three years since AP bio) and she couldn’t do anything about it and no one believed her.

Rosalind Franklin did not show her work to Watson and Crick; her Maurice Wilkins did. The reason she did not get the Nobel was that she died four years before it was awarded to Watson, Crick and her partner Wilkins but the Nobel is not awarded posthumously and thus she was not eligible for it.  

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