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Excerpt from Log>
SCP-1440: Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life,there is one thing you must never do.
Dr. ████: And what is that?

SCP-1440: Win. 
<End Log>

Item #: SCP-1440

Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-1440 is a man of unknown ethnicity and age. When questioned about its name, place or time of birth, SCP-1440 will refuse to answer, although it is unclear if this is due to the subject being unwilling to share this information or not possessing it. 

 SCP-1440’s anomalous nature becomes apparent once it comes into contact with human population or man-made objects and remains in contact with them for longer than a few days; SCP-1440 has an acute adverse effect on everything connected to humanity. Prolonged exposure of any man-made object or person to it will cause increasingly destructive events to occur in SCP-1440’s vicinity, until the destruction or death of said human element. The only exceptions to this are SCP-1440 itself and its belongings (its clothes, a sack made of unidentified material, a pack of worn playing cards, and a small glass cup).


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